June 2017 update: please note that all enhancement requests have now been moved to the massively improved Vectorworks forum. Thanks to Jim and the team at Vectorworks for such a great resource. I can now put this website to bed 🙂

This is an open wiki for Vectorworks users and architects to collaboratively document enhancement requests for the international base version of Vectorworks. Anyone is welcome to create an account and contribute.

needleandmortar.com grew out of a meeting in September 2010 between Nemetschek Vectorworks (NV), CU Unlimited (the UK distributor) and a group of UK architects. One outcome of this meeting was an agreement by the architects to provide NV with more information about the way architecture is practiced in the UK (The UK version of Vectorworks is localised by NV in the U.S.) and internationally in order to help develop a better UK and international base version of Vectorworks. 

Enhancement ideas for v2018

Prioritised list of enhancement requests

Detailed enhancement requests

Other improvement requests

What does Needle and Mortar mean?

Needle and mortar describes an old drafting technique using lime plaster which, once hardened, is impressed upon using a sharpened-wire as a drawing instrument to scratch drawings that were white at first but faded to grey. Described in part in Ken Follett’s book The Pillars of The Earth.