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Vectorworks is great for it’s customisation through VectorScript and SDK, but we still miss critical things related to this.

1. The ability to run scripts at certain moments

  • Program startup/shutdown
  • File open/close
  • Print/Export

2. An integrated plug-in store

We can all agree that VW can’t 3volve (pun intended) fast enough, and there are some great plug-ins out there. Everyone would benefit from this and NVW could focus more on the core and core bim objects of the program, while others can further develop great solutions for certain markets/countries. This will also speed up localisation as local distributers can let customers download their extra offered tools, already in the store, instead of wasting time incorporating them in the package.

Discussion thread on forum.

3. A better way to localise (translate) content

We now can translate a plug-in through its texts, but this must be redone with every new update. We really need another way of using localisable content, that once set, can stay.

4. The ability to write plug-ins in other languages than the old C++