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As a CAD manager who needs to train users and make sure they follow all rules related to drawing organisation, I still witness that most users find it too hard to keep a good organised drawing or are abusing certain things out of laziness. On top of that, Vectorworks doesn’t provide tools for cad managers to help those users by providing better drawing organisation and the ability to add restrictions in what a user can do. I believe that ultimately, a system where the cad manager can specify stuff and can decide what users can and can’t do will be better for all firms who are working with multiple poeple to easily maintain an office standard.

1. Classes

One of the most powerfull things in drawing organisation are the classes, and if used correctly, saves a lot of time and makes changes really easy. They also can speed up creating great presentations and are a great help in creating worksheets to find the correct items.

We need: (in combination with standard naming)

  • The ability to specify the standard class for each type of object, even custom plug-ins.
    We are now only able to specify the standard class for a couple of objects, and you must do it through the texts of the plug-in. This is not consistent and time consuming.
  • The ability to specify a list of possible standard classes for each type of object.
    Some objects are used for multiple things or for stuff they aren’t made for, like for example the column tool used for walls or a kitchen island.
  • The ability to set if the user can override the standard class.
    Some objects can be used for a wide range of solutions that it’s best to allow the user to set it in a class other than the standard classes for that object.
  • The ability to have one base set and multiple extra sets of classes.
    The reason for setting only one base set is because we then can build the whole library with that base set in mind. When then choosing the set of classes used in a drawing, VW can lookup the base class of resources and transform it to the chosen set of classes. VW needs to transform all objects, even those in the symbols.
  • The ability to save a visibility set of classes, to be used with viewports.
    In every document, you have to set visibilities from scratch, after that, you can use the eyedropper tool to copy them, but it would be easier if we could just select a set of saved visibilities. This will really speed up the process of setting up viewports.
  • The ability to register changes in the class list, so VW can update older classes to the new ones.
    This is needed when you are in need of changing the class name or the default attributes. You currently have a lot of work when changing a class name and it’s not fool proof.