UK localisation of building terminology enhancement requests

Materials runbond = half lap stretcher bond siding = weatherboarding stucco = render LG metal = metal studwork gypsum board … [Read more...]

Additional Dimension style enhancement request

1. 'Ordinate Baseline Constrained' Dimensions mode: A common and necessary dimension style in Europe, it is basically a combination of the … [Read more...]

UK localisation of building terminology (2015)

Materials runbond = half lap stretcher bond siding = weatherboarding stucco = render LG metal = metal studwork gypsum board = plasterboard LW … [Read more...]

Stair Tool enhancement requests

The following fixes/improvements are required to the stair tool for UK use: 1. Pre-set regulation standards UK building regs have several stair … [Read more...]

Drawing organisation enhancement requests

As a CAD manager who needs to train users and make sure they follow all rules related to drawing organisation, I still witness that most users find it … [Read more...]

Automatisation and customisation enhancement requests

1. The ability to run scripts at certain moments Program startup/shutdown File open/close Print/Export 2. An integrated plug-in store As … [Read more...]

Custom Selection enhancement requests

The Custom Selection command is becoming increasingly important. We need it to be more powerful (i.e. do more with less effort). 1. Merge Custom … [Read more...]

Revision Notes enhancement requests

1. Custom revision numbering For construction documents we don't use standard consecutive lettering or numbering. Instead we use a system that … [Read more...]

Door Tool enhancement requests

1. Door schedule elevations We need to be able to generate a live 2D front view representation of doors and we need to be able to dimension them with … [Read more...]

Window Tool enhancement requests

1. Doors in the Window Tool The separation of window and door tools creates problems for scheduling, visual accuracy and editing. In the real world … [Read more...]