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The Custom Selection command is becoming increasingly important. We need it to be more powerful (i.e. do more with less effort).

1. Merge Custom Selection and Criteria dialogue windows

There’s simply no need to have both of these dialogue windows. Please merge them.

2. Custom select symbols

Selecting a symbol by name using Custom Selection is very cumbersome. All we are offered is a massive long list of symbol names. So we’d like:

  • Autocomplete of the symbol name in the name box
  • Key jumping within the drop down list

3. Custom select geometry

We’d also like to be able to Custom Select geometry by dimensions, such as select all circles of 600mm diameter.

It seems you can currently select by field value of intelligent objects, but not for basic objects such as rectangles, circles etc. We’d like:

  • Line by Length
  • Circle by Radius
  • Rectangle by Width or Height
  • Regular Polygon by Number of Vertices
  • Polygon by Area
  • Any Object by Rotation
  • and so on.

We’d also like upper and lower bounding selection e.g. select all circles between 500mm and 700mm diameter.

4. Merge Select Similar tool with Custom Selection

We would like to see the Select Similar Tool have the same type of functions as the Custom Selection Command.

For example, we want to be able to select all windows with the same ID and we want to be able to quickly access the saved selection criteria later as it is in the Select Similar tool. Yes, we know that the Custom Selection Command can create a script that can be accessed later, however if we have 200+ windows and doors and need to create a script for each to be accessed later my clients will have moved to another architect and the building will be half done by the time I get that far…..

What we want is to simply be able to choose ID (or frame thickness or fire-rating or certain record term or what ever) as the search criteria in the Select Similar tool dialog and then click on the object to select all… and we want to be able to save the criteria combination for later use.

Basically a merger of the Select Similar and the Custom Selection!