Prioritised list of enhancement requests


  1. Rick Reid says:

    Can’t say enough about elevations and sections. The main purposes of doing 3D is to extract these other views, not just rendering.

    I work in theater, events and as a consultant to architects. This sort of work is done in many related fields and will be a major benefit to other disciplines.

  2. Good Priority lists you have created. Especially the model viewing without having to render – This is the No. 1 gripe in our office & why we still use sketchup for quick modelling/rendering.
    Two other items I would add to Priority 1
    1. The ability to have angled walls. This is a major hassle to model this at present.
    2. When using ‘fit walls to objects’ Currently the walls end up with a horizontal top surface so any walls that meet pitched roofs, at the corners there’s an untidy junction created.
    I’d like the ability to be able to select whether the walls have a horizontal top surface or have an angled top surface that meets the roof precisely.

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