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1. Custom revision numbering

For construction documents we don’t use standard consecutive lettering or numbering. Instead we use a system that progresses as the following example:

P1, P1a, P2, P2a, P2b, P3, P3a, C1, C2.

We desperately need support for this as doing it manually is very prone to error.

2. Automatic co-ordination of revision numbers

We’d like support for automatic co-ordination of revision numbers, similar to support for sheet numbers that was added to v2011. Including the ability to automatically add revisions to file names when exporting PDFs/DWGs.

3. Skip I and O

We’d like to be able to skip “I” and “O” as part of the standard revision lettering. This is standard drafting practice to avoid any confusion with 1 and 0.

4. Ability to display revision number separately from list of revisions

As of v2013, when creating a Custom Titleblock,  it’s possible only to display the revision number of a drawing as part of the revision notes list. We’d like to be able to display it separately in isolation of the revision list.

5. Intelligent Revision markers

We’d like to be able to link revisions markers to individual revisions, in such a way that they automatically show the corresponding revision number etc

We’d like to be able to customize revisions markers to local building standards (prefereably by using symbols from the RB)

We’d like an option for revisions markers to be created automatically when placing a revision cloud

6. Revision data in Worksheets

We’d like to be able to enter revision data in worksheets

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