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The following fixes/improvements are required to the stair tool for UK use:

1. Pre-set regulation standards

UK building regs have several stair applications with different governing parameters and it would be nice to have these as presets. The current stair types in the regs are:

  • Doc M Public Building
  • Doc M Apartment Block
  • Doc M External Steps
  • Doc K Institutional/Assembly Building
  • Doc K Other Buildings
  • Doc K Private (Domestic)

These types are being consolidated by new legislation in 2013 so it would be a useful time to get the new standards incorporated into VW. The draft of the new comprehensive stair regs are published here: The new Document K will include the following types (draft and subject to change):

  • Private (Domestic) stair
  • Institutional/Assembly stair
  • Utility stair
  • Easy access stair
  • School Stair

2. Independent guardrail height for landings

At the moment the railings settings won’t allow the guarding on a landing to be set higher than that for the flights, which doesn’t satisfy UK regs which require 900mm guarding to flights and 1100mm guarding to landings (except for domestic stairs).

3. UK Localisation of terminology

Railings = Balustrade

4. Fix the Frame Bars

You can turn off the side members of the balustrade framing but you always get a vertical frame bar right next to a post which isn’t required

5. Posts stopping short

If you don’t have a Top Rail on your Guardrail, but you do have a top framing member, the Posts stop just short of the top framing member, instead of stopping just above it which they should. An offset of 25mm (or user controlled) may help

6. Populate the OIP!

The old stair tool had too much info on the OIP, but the new one has far too little (everything is inside the Settings dialog). You need at-a-glance info in the OIP at all times when a stair is selected, such as the level it is tied to, basic tread, rise and angle etc. This makes errors far easier to spot when navigating a file.

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