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  1. Priority-based connections (similar to ArchiCAD 17)
  2. Phases, support and integration through-out the program.
  3. Independent Viewport DPIs

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  1. Andrew Hirst says:

    Stud partition walls
    What I would find really useful is to be able to show the timber studs in the plan view of stud partitions. When I’m planning loft conversions I have to manually add the studs uprights rectangles and it’s a bit laborious.
    It would be great to be able to add batt insulation as a component also.

  2. Anna Kerrane says:

    Space Tool Dimensioning.

    It would be very useful to be able to override the dimension setting in the space tool. My document settings are set with units to .1 decimal places for sq. m., but often in the space tool, I’d like to be able to round this up to whole numbers without changing my underlying document settings.

  3. Converting to lines

    When converting polylines or polygons made up from lines and arcs it would be great if when converting to lines (as we sometimes all have to do) that VW would have an option to convert to lines and arcs instead of hundreds of tiny faceted lines trying to make up a curve.

  4. Federico Testa says:

    Sheet layers: ability to group them like classes
    Class visibility overrides: possibility to set single classes as B/W in a Viewport on sheet layer
    2D/3D: possibility to load only 2D tool and avoid loading all 3d stuff. I just draw in 2D and i don’t need 3D at all.